Pass through print expired

Hi community,

I’ve been have problems with my pass through saying print expired. This has happened twice for the morning with files that I’ve never had any issues with and cut tons of times. I know others has issues with this happening does anyone know why and how to troubleshoot. TIA

just happened to me too. Have you had any luck with recovery?

Just happened to me too. Seems odd that we’ve all had the same issue just in this day… I wonder if it’s an issue on Glowforge’s side?

My first time trying to use pass through this morning and I keep getting print expired. It will make the first cuts, says not to move/open while taking pictures and then print expired before ever moving onto the second cut.

This is an issue on Glowforge’s side and they’re working on it now.


Thanks how are you able to find/view errors and status

Dan84 just replied to me with this Glowforge Status - Errors while Passthrough Printing

Hey, dan84 replied back with this Glowforge Status - Errors while Passthrough Printing

Glowforge’s status page is You can subscribe to e-mail alerts on that page and get an email any time they’re experiencing an issue on their side, so you know it’s not just you.


Thanks so much!

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