Pass through print unsuccessful

I’ve seen several other posts but no specific resolution for unsuccessful pass through prints. Set up went as it should and after completing print it failed to take picture and states it’s unsuccessful. When align manually was selected it created the remaining pass through file in dashboard. Once file is selected and set focus I was able to reposition the file to meet the previous print while on my screen and select print. Once printing began the image completely failed to align with the previous print wasting 4ft of red oak. Once the machine was completed it’s second print it again stated it was taking picture then immediately states unsuccessful print and gives me the options again for align manually or cancel. Please off any guidance as this is a huge waste of materials, time, and a loss of money from our business.

Oh no, I’m sorry for the trouble! I see you emailed us as well and we’re working on it there. I’m going to close this request for now.