Pass through pro not lining up

Hi there! I am having issues with my pass through pro project. I used it in the past and even for this very project and worked great but today after having to go through 3 pieces of material it is just simply not working. any suggestions? I already cleaned it thoroughly, realigned the camera and did a calibration but still the lines are not coming together. Any help is appreciated

! Thanks

I use a system that I did before there was pass-through. I break the design into ~10" pieces so they break at specific locations that are 90 degrees or do not connect where (unlike regular passthrough) they don’t have to be in the same line.

I try to find a place where all the lines are vertical (front to back) that way if you are a millimeter off it won’t matter much. Sometimes in order to cut only vertical lines, they have to be in several places. This will not work with the passthrough as it wants them all on the same line (y-axis) so I break the design into separate layers and extend the vertical line breaks a millimeter or so.

Then by lining the material hard on the righthand rail, it sets both the rotation and location on the x-axis so you can keep that as you move the material. So if you then move the design with only the up/down arrow it will also stay fixed and correct on the x-axis. so then if the designs overlap that millimeter after set focus the y-axis can still be a millimeter off and work perfectly not even bothering with the specialty passthrough trick. :grin:


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