Pass through slot help with

I am looking for any simple instructions for using the pass through slot. I am cutting mirrored plexiglass, approx. 12 x 24 inches and I need it to align perfectly. I have read through past instructions, but they seem complicated to me and I do not use illustrator. Any suggestions for a beginner?

I would use the right side of the crumb tray to sett the angle and if you have a used tape measure to glue to the rim on that right side and you will have a pretty accurate measuring device. Set a pin at the 11.5-inch mark and running the board up against it, you can then cut a hole ten inches below that and move the hole up to the pin and you have a pretty accurate measure base

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thanks, any chance you have a photo of this set up?

I am a visual learner…

I am also a visual learner but most of the pictures are in my head :crazy_face:
This will make such measurement as you need, and you can apply it as you need.

Oops :blush: forgot the link…

@margaretrgriffith…if you’re not using Illustrator we have a tutorial for using the passthrough with Inkscape as well. (Pics and everything.) :wink:

Be sure to note the suggestions from the Private Message as well for working with the acrylic. Other than that, the tutorial thread explains the concepts.

Supporting material going into the machine with a wood support stand.



THANK YOU! I will work on this tutorial. I do have illustrator, I am just not proficient on it. Which do you recommend?

Thank you! I am going to try this when I get back to my studio!!!

Well, I prefer Illustrator because I’ve been using it for years. @johnse has a good tut written up for that one.