Pass through slot use interrupted

Hi! I just made a print that took a LONG time using the pass through slot. It got to where it finished the lower cut, before I move the design down to complete the top part. Then it did not show the option where it takes the picture before you move the wood. I went to dashboard and back in, and it wasn’t showing the unfinished part. Is there a way to just get that remaining part to print?? I haven’t touched or moved anything. Thanks!

If you open the lid before the UI prompts you to move the material forward, you cancel the job. It can not be recovered.

I did not do that.

Oops… sorry. I’ve never experienced that so can’t reproduce.

Are the cuts/scores clear and high contrast on the material or masking? The machine depends on being able to clearly see where the previous step ended. Without good contrast, it can get hung up.

When faced with a job that could potentially cause issues, I use registration marks outside the printed area which can have different settings to produce dark/high-contrast lines.

It was kind of funky to start with. Kept saying uploading, but the button was blinking so I pushed it and it started lol. It took awhile but it made the design. When it was done, it quit. It did not offer the opportunity to finish the cut (the portion that needed the pass through). So now I have the bottom half done, but still need the top. The initial cut is cancelled. Is there a way to go back and adjust the design so that I can get the second portion cut without going through the whole image. Thanks!

There are several posts about how people were using the pass-through slot before the automatic alignment was released, and even some who still do it manually today. I have never tried this because the automatic alignment has always worked fine for me.

In short, you would need to cut the design precisely where the print finished, and manually align the next piece. Registration marks could be helpful.

That’s what I figured. What is the best program or way for me to cut the image?

Whichever design app you already use. All the major vector apps can do it.

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So I used Inkscape and was able to isolate the portion of the image that I needed. But everytime I upload and open in Glowforge, it says the image contains broken paths and the whole image gets put in there. Is there a way to fix this? So that only the portion I need is displayed?

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