Pass Thru Stock On Aligning...again

This is the 2nd time this week that the pass thru has been stuck on alignment. It’s been stuck for over an hour now. I opened the lid and that took it back to shifting the material down and then clicking continue for the aligning part…but now it’s just stuck. Has anyone had luck getting past this point?

UPDATE: I got so tired of waiting that I hit the reload button on my computer and crossed my fingers. It worked! At first I thought I had lost the image but after a few seconds the alignment screen came up again. I hit continue and after a minute it aligned perfectly. I seem to remember doing that once before a while ago and it not working. Maybe I got lucky on this one.


I refresh the page whenever that happens and it resolves it. If your computer is not plugged in and goes to sleep, it can cause a bit of delay/wake up needed.

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