Passthrough error after first cut

I’m getting the “unsuccessful print” error after my first print using the passthrough. when I hit print to do the first cut my artwork disappear from the computer screen. I press the magic button and the first cut did fine but then I got the unsuccessful print error, asking for manually align but after that stop working. I had used the passthrough one day ago with no problem.

I just sent a customer service email. I think it is happening to a bunch of people.

I hope they can fix this soon

I just received an email response saying there was a degradation in service that affected Passthrough Prints. It has been fixed.

I tested a print on a piece of cardboard and it cut successfully.


Thank you for letting me know, I’m going to try later today

Hi, need some help please. I cut my first cut in the passthrough and now it says error for the other half and is telling me to recut the first half. Is there any solution to this other than recutting the first half?

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