Passthrough Fails Completely

My first attempt at using the passthrough seems to be a complete failure. I placed a 19" x 48" piece of thin cardboard in my GF with a design that is about 18.75" wide by 30.5" long, and turned on the passthrough setting. I fed my material from the back like the instructions say, and supported it externally so that it would sit flat on the bed. When I try to print the first pass, the GF at first tells me it’s preparing my print, before finally telling me that the print was unsuccessful, without ever getting to the point of actually trying to print.

The design has also completely disappeared.

It gives me the option to align manually (it looked fine before, and had the “active” colors, so this should not be necessary) or cancel. If I choose align manually, it truncates the design down to enough to fit on a single pass, but it’s the top, not the bottom where I started (again, according to the instructions). Not sure what it’s expecting of me there.

It seems like it is having a hard time interpreting my exceedingly simple design. Any ideas?

I think its something going on on their end, mine has been having the same issues with the pass through and used it yesterday with no problem. Since its your first time, you should know that no its not anything your doing. It should capture the design and split it into sections, print the first. Take pictures, then it will ask you to shif material down, press continue and it will align automatically, which its always aligned to perfection for me, even though it might not look on screen, trust it, press continue again and it’ll send to print. So on and so on. But no the unsuccessfull message is not normal. In the past I’ve even tried copying the design from the dashboard and working with the copy, for a few times it has worked, others, like today, no.

Okay, thanks for that. Appreciate the info. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry about the ongoing trouble with your unit. I see that we have an email ticket open with you on a different topic. Unfortunately we’ve found that your unit has an issue which can’t be resolved remotely. I’ve sent you a response on the email ticket with information and next steps, and I’ll close this forum thread so we can continue to assist you via email.