Passthrough issues 2/23 -2/27+

We were notified on 2/25 at 5 PST that there was a passthrough error and that it had been resolved on 2/25 at 9 PST. However, the notification even states that the passthrough issues started on 2/23. And it’s still not fixed, per user testing.

I’m signed up on the alerts so I am aware of downtime, and can plan around it. I ruined $100 of mahogany wood, because I was getting errors and even attempted manually (which I’ve done successfully in the past before the software) and it would move the design.

I have orders for passthrough items that I need to fulfill. It’s sad when other users are telling me to just hold out for a new laser. I’ve been a Glowforge supporter since crowdfunding. This is really disappointing, and it’s hurting people’s bottom lines.

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Can I get a service team response on this? The passthrough software is still not working, and this is now 7 days of downtime.

They don’t (officially) work on the weekends, so they should respond shortly now that it’s Monday.

Still waiting for a response on this matter


Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.

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Just an FYI, we have more members reporting they’re also having the same issues today.

Still waiting, we have at least 25 members reporting that they’ve had no good functionality today.

Did a test with cardboard. Cut fine. Put my wood in, and after 2 cut sessions the software quit and wouldn’t work.

I’m STILL waiting on a response. I have many orders backed up on this issue.

Still waiting on a response about this.

Pip, what’s taking so long on this? I have clients I need to contact because I can’t cut their orders.

Truthfully, they won’t comment more unless they literally have more for you. It’s frustrating but at least honest.

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Okay, I keep waiting for a response. It’s now 3/11 with no updates at all. I did test my design cut with cardboard, which went very well. So, yes! I thought, it’s been fixed! Put my actual wood into the passthrough, and it stalled on the second section of an 18"x32" piece (same as the cardboard) … it won’t align for anything. Another piece of material wasted by the software.

I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you.

We’re seeing the same thing, and we’re continuing to look into it.

Unfortunately this issue is intermittent, and may be a problem, randomly until fully resolved.

I’ll update this thread as soon as I have new information.

Any new info? I literally had to wait for delivery of my new laser in order to cut these large orders. I purchased a Pro for the passthrough, and it’s been defunct for a full month.