Passthrough - one solution for issues with cut parts jamming

When cutting designs with small cut pieces, as you move the material forwards thru the slot, they can drop into the space between the lower door and the crumb tray, “jamming” the material.

My solution was to make a piece that fills the gap, allowing those parts to stay in place until they slide through the slot and out of the machine.

(my shapes are off, this was just to illustrate the idea)

I ended up with a pretty simple solution - a stick!

6.3mm Ply, just a strip 5.2mm x (whatever, mine is 300mm). The kerf and V of the cut gave me a piece that is 5mm/4.7mm on each side, which when laid on its side (narrow edge towards tray) slots perfectly into the space between the lower door and the start of the straight slope on the front of the tray. I secured it with three small blobs of hot-glue.

Two pieces of med PG would give you pretty much the same thickness.

You can see how the path from the bed to the slot is now continuous, and small parts no longer drop into that area.


This is an excellent idea! I was just using a sheet of thin plastic across the gap.


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