Passthrough problems

Every time I use my passthrough slot, my GF messes up after I move the material the second time. After it attempts to align the material, it doesn’t show me the preview of the design on the material so I don’t know if it’s aligned correctly (see attached screenshot).

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You are not the first to have this issue. Others have stated that they just blindly trust (even when they can’t see the design) and hit continue.


Same thing happened to me the other day and I did not blindly trust it…turns out, you needs to just blindly trust it :slight_smile: I am sure this issue will be resolved in future updates.

Hi @samspendlove. I’m sorry to see that you’ve been experiencing some trouble with Passthrough prints as they try to align the portions of the design. I wanted to let you we are currently reviewing this and will be following up with you for any next troubleshooting steps to help get this resolved. Thank you!

Same here you just have to trust it. I did a passthru with 7 movements of the material and after the second movement I just had to trust that it would work and it did

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I was watching a passthru video by glowforge this morning. It was live and on the third movement of the material the preview disappeared they quickly hit continue and made no mention of the glitch. I posted a comment while it was live and they made no effort to address the problem, like it never happened. Lol
If you would like to see the video her is the link

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