Passthrough - program crashed halfway

Hi, need some help, please. I cut my first cut in the passthrough and now it says error for the other half and is telling me to recut the first half. Is there any solution to this other than recutting the first half?

You can break the design into parts where the first half was done and redo the second half by eye. It is hard to get right but will not be worse off than it is already, redoing it would not likely break at exactly the same places.

If you are using proofgrade I would send a note about the fact and perhaps they would replace the material.

tell me about it. I do not think its user error. Same thing happened to me the other night and I ran a print I have done many times before with passthrough. It basically is cancelling it and not even giving you the option to manually align remaining parts. You can export the design and manually remove your best guess at what has been printed. Hopefully this helps.

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