Passthrough Slot not aligning

I am having a heck of a time getting the alignment to work with the passthrough. I Have gone through and recalibrated the camera. Made sure that the material is flat. Cleaned everything and still I am getting this monstrosity when trying to align my next cut. IDK if I am doing something or if the passthrough is just garbage. The very first time I used it it worked almost perfectly! Ever since then I have been getting this. Any ideas is helpful at this point.

It needs a good 4"+ of the last printed section to be in the printable area to align against for good results. I think you’re advancing your wood too far between steps.

I think it’s because your design is too simple - just two points. Pass through does better when there’s more information for it to connect.
Some people have reported improved results putting marks on the masking with a sharpie.

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I have a Mark 3.5" on the table so its deff not that.

That is very possible. I will try that out! I didnt think about that.

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