Patent Application Engraving

I found some new (to me) acrylic on Amazon the other day and long story short decided to test it out with a couple of patent application engravings.

The pieces are 5 x 7. The engraving worked great with standard settings, I had to make a second pass on the cut but other than that everything worked as expected on these test pieces.


My first reaction was to be unimpressed, until I realised that it wasn’t paper sitting there.
I love this, I’m doing this, thanks for the material link!


Put it in my cart last night. Checked this morning and stock was disappearing. Have to move quickly around here.


Cool stuff, and the drawings turned out great!


Kewl! :grinning:


That"s because we all see the same link :slight_smile: and think the same thing…


LOL. No worries, that is actually my first reaction too. Mostly posted just to provide a link to the materials for people.

Yeah, that isn’t the first time this forum has done that to a supplier.

Bingo! The price is right for experimenting.

Thanks. This was the cleanest engraving acrylic I’ve tried, and after the second cut a quick wipe with IPA (not the beer :beer: ) took the bit of soot off no problem.

Thanks @Jules :smiley:


Thanks for the link Rocket man! I like the subject :sunglasses:


Thanks. Next test will be sheet one of Patent 3,001,739 :slight_smile:


Looks fantastic!! Thanks for the link.


This stuff costs a LOT more at Inventables, thanks for the link! $2.44 for a piece is great.

Oh – this is ABS, not acrylic. Maybe that explains the price difference. Have you tried cutting it yet?


@hansepe can you share the settings for engrave and cut? I want to buy this product, but don’t really want to waste material playing with settings if you have it down. Thanks! :upside_down_face:


Standard settings for what though? I’m a fairly new forger, so “standard settings” has no real meaning to me yet since I’ve never worked with this material.

This was a long time ago. I have a basic and I just duplicated the proofgrade acrylic settings for the thinner material back based on what I wrote. You’d have to look at those settings to grab them.


FYI - each material has their own settings - so when someone on here says they used standard/plain/normal settings they will be using the PG settings for the material they are referring to (in this case: acrylic)

Some folks find that a 2nd defocused engrave helps clean up the engrave on the 2-colour stuff - but others just use the PG settings just fine. You can do a search here on the forum for advice on that (though you will find conflicting information). The problem being is that there are slight variations in every piece of everything, so the only 100% answer is to run tests.

If you’re using a material that doesn’t have a PG setting, you can find what it’s closest to and try that - but keep in mind - the only way to be 100% sure is to run tests


The listing on Amazon says this is ABS and not laserable, just as a heads up.

As an alternative, whiteboard from Home Depot also works great for this kind of thing:


Interesting. That must have changed between then and now. The stuff I bought was laser safe.

I’ll take it out of the description up top. Thanks.

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Where did you get the patent application? Was it on paper and needed scanning or a digital file? I have a few ideas of my own…