Path is uploading bloated

So I am trying to upload this:

But I am getting this:

Edit: The strokes are centered. I replaced it with an offset stroke and it seems to have fixed it for all of them but one for some reason. But I would still like to know what caused it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Without the original SVG, it would be hard to say. Which app are you using?

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My guess would be what you’re using to make the diamonds is an appearance, rather than an actual node edit - but as @eflyguy said, without seeing the original .svg I’m just guessing.


If you’re using Illustrator, have you tried Expand Appearance? Oh, and hi Jeremy, long time no see!


Here is the file for reference!

@eflyguy Illustrator
@deirdrebeth I used the outside shape of the diamond logo in the image as the outline
@cynd11 Hi!!! Haha. Expand appearance is greyed out

Interesting that Chrome’s view of it also shows the bloat

Opened in Inkscape the two shapes are very different - the logo is a path, the outside edge is an object

I copied the badge and removed the center to get just the outside - and then englarged it by 20% - looks like that’ll work just fine.


So yea - somehow Illustrator took the outline and turned it into an object.

Here’s what it looks like in Corel Draw. I’m getting another layer behind it too. (It was in yellow, and I changed it to black so it shows up better.)


@kittski Oh, haha, thats an old project I must have hidden.
@deirdrebeth Interesting!! Thanks for looking into it! Technology is weird sometimes.

That’s bizarre that you’re getting all of that.

Looking at the raw SVG code, none of that is even there. Was the file replaced?

@JeremyNielsen : how did you get the original shape for the diamond?

Just a guess here but it looks like an appearance-type thing, possibly a warp command or something to the original shape? You made the copy and then subtracted out the text, which forced it to redraw the code for the shape.

The reason being, in the SVG code, this is the code for those shapes - so they are all being displayed as they should for what the code is.

<ellipse class="st1" cx="776.9" cy="570.6" rx="97.9" ry="116.4"/> <ellipse class="st1" cx="623.5" cy="574.8" rx="37.6" ry="44.8"/> <ellipse class="st1" cx="1074.5" cy="570.6" rx="97.9" ry="116.4"/> <ellipse class="st1" cx="921.1" cy="574.8" rx="37.6" ry="44.8"/>

So I duplicated the diamond icon and deleted the inner shapes so I just had the outline and then just made it bigger. I’ve done the same thing a thousand times without this weird bloating. :man_shrugging:

Your SVG comes into AI with the outer diamonds as ellipses too. Do you mind sharing your source AI file?

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