Paying for a refurbished machine, within warranty?

So I’ve been having lots of problem with my glowforge which has put me out for over a month.

I initially received my glowforge October 26, 2021. I contacted glowforge about an engraving issue that began on October 10th 2021. After replacing the carriage plate and pulley, constant back and forth emails and photos, tests cuts and everything else you can think of it was determined my machine needs repair and I can get a refurbished machine for $1600.

Although I now may technically be out of warranty I was still within warranty when the issue began. Because their support team is so slow and their troubleshooting process is so tedious it took a month to get to this point only to be told I have to pay more money out of pocket, does this make sense? Has anyone experienced this?

I am beyond frustrated as my entire business has come to a halt during the busiest time of the year.

It has taken more than a year to diagnose the problem? Have you been able to use it during this time?

Here’s the thing… most of us here are happy with our machines. That doesn’t mean you have to be happy with yours. Only you can know how to progress here. I doubt I’d throw more money on top of what I’d already paid in your shoes, but I guess it also depends on whether you have the funds to invest in a new machine.

Regardless, I’m sorry you’ve had such a crummy experience.


No it hasn’t taken a year to diagnose but since the issue was within warranty, shouldn’t I be given the refurb free of charge? After paying over $5000 and it breaking down in under a year I just don’t see how that is fair to the customer.

I’ve own the machine just under a year, or just over now. I had initially problems the first month I had it then got that fixed and haven’t had an issue since last month but since then, I have not been able to use it at all.

I am not unhappy with the machine, I am unhappy with customer and tech support and how the situation is being handle.

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I don’t know the details or the warranty info well enough to form an opinion of whether they are right or wrong. I’m just saying that if you feel they are in the wrong, you should listen to that voice. You could try pushing back on their decision or shopping for a different laser to see what your options might be.

I’d be annoyed in your situation, fwiw.


Over the 7 years, I’ve seen this company in action, I’ve never known them not to be fair. Now, the company has access to the machine logs, and they may have determined that the current issue is unrelated, I have no idea.
I would carefully and politely craft a response explaining the circumstance as you see it. Do that in reply instead of a new email so they don’t have to weed through other emails to close them. @Rita is head of customer service I believe.


That’s actually really nice to hear. After replacing a couple of part and them asking for more photos I went ahead and send an extremely detailed email with additional photos of basically every part of the machine as well as multiple photos showing the issue. At that point is when they said it needs repair and cannot be fixed remotely then they told me pricing for the refurbished machine. I replied that I get that that was unfair because I contacted them while I was still under warranty and asked for my request/issue be escalated to the next level.

Hopefully that helps!


I agree with the others…just keep hounding them (politely, of course). We’re all cheering you on.


If you reported the problem within the warranty period, it’s covered even though the diagnosis took you past the warranty period. The person working the case may have missed the fact that the initial report was made during the warranty.


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