PayPal Here Card Reader Branding Template

I was so inspired by @nathan_p’s Square Card-Reader Branding that I dressed up my PayPal Here* reader for Halloween too ;p

I used adhesive-backed cork for that grippy texture ;p (209.3 KB)
Right-click and save for the silly SVG ;p
*This project is not endorsed by PayPal in any way ;p


Cool. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t chosen a reader yet, but now I feel like I should go research options.

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Like that you used cork–easier to keep it in place!
Nice you included the pattern–alas I’m a Square user like @nathan_p

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Paypal has a card reader? :smiley:

Awesome design. Serious though, paypal has this too?

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I sent a picture of @nathan_p’s square to my friend who is a massage therapist - it’s such a cool idea! I like the cork too!!