PEEK on glowforge?

I have someone asking me if I can cut PEEK on the glowforge. Looking at the MSDS, it looks like it is probably ok but I wanted to see if anyone here has done it. (and if you have settings to share…)

I’ve only remember seeing PEEK mentioned once in the forum, and that was in reference to its use as a filament in a 3D printer. It doesn’t have any halogens in its structure so it won’t produce HF, HCl, etc type acids during cutting, so it’s not in the ‘don’t use’ category. It’s got a high melting point for thermoplastics, but not sure how that would affect things. Try it out and let us know how it behaves during cutting and engraving.

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From some quick google searching, it appears safe and it should be cuttable with a 10.6micron CO2 laser (which is what the Glowforge is) but they don’t specify the power required. It also looks like people tend to use a YAG laser to mark it.

Like @AhnoldZ said, you will probably need to test it to see how it performs.

Here’s a couple of sites I found about it.


curious to see how it goes.

If I get a chance, I’ll try to grab some scrap at work to try out. It would be Friday or the weekend before I can have time to try it out.

It might be tricky for the :glowforge: to scan and get the height, as anything I grab will have machined teeth on the surface.

Hi , I can see that it has been a while since anyone last posted on the topic of laser cutting PEEK. Has anyone here had the chance to give it a go?