Pegboard Design Generator I need one

Please save humanity and me.
There are generators for everything from boxes to puzzles.
Desperate for a. Pegboard generator
Size the pegboard
Size the holes (and shapes of hole)
Inches between holes.

Does this exist?
Can anyone make one?
I want to sell a line of pegboards for teens and I will need to be making different shape and sized pegboards
I am on month two of trying to make a pegboard and I am questioning my intelligence and sanity. (This is common please don’t worry but if you could help…

:smile: After that delightful plea, I wish I had one to give you…

Which design program are you using? Most of them have a method of equally distributing copies of a shape inside of a set boundary…something like that is generally just a few clicks.


If I could code my way out of a paper bag I’d do it for you and humanity but the best I can do is show you how to do your own in Fusion 360.

Download it and start learning it and come back and tag me and I’ll do a tutorial.

If you prefer Inkscape or AI you can probably coax someone into the same.


This would take a couple of minutes in any design app. In Inkscape - set custom grid to 1" spacing. Draw a circle (it comes in different sizes for different thickness hooks), duplicate a bunch of times, move to (number+1) spaces across, distribute. Copy the row, duplicate a bunch of times, move to (number+1) spaces down, distribute. Draw a box.


Here. 3/16 holes:
pegbd .1875


Basically the same concept but I use numeric positioning (no grid) and clones.

I make one row of clones using distribute, group that row, then copy and paste the rows, position one, distribute the rest.

You could theoretically do the same with tiled clones but figuring out percent offsets is annoying.


Everybody has given you great advice.

The only thing to be aware of are there are 2 standard sized holes for pegboard. This Google search will give you most of he information you need for getting your design (in whatever your favorite design tool is) right.

standard pegboard dimensions

@markevans36301 has shared several pegboard related items in the Free Designs area of the forum too that you might find useful.


I could probably throw something together with JavaScript and HTML (like the Text2Vector app).

It would have to be after work today though…


I’d be interested in seeing it if you decide to do it because it sounds… interesting from the coding side :smiley:


It should be pretty simple:

  • Diameter of holes
  • Distance between holes (from centers or edges)
  • Include border (yes/no)
    • Height and Width of border
    • Rounded corners (yes/no)

Anything else anyone can think of for options?

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The ability to rotate the holes. :slight_smile:


There are 2 standard hole sizes and several “standard” spacing options. A couple defaults would be cool.

And if you want to get special, setup for not just rectangular areas but round or oval too.

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I laughed so hard with this one! But, then I thought maybe you meant to rotate how the holes are positioned in relation to one another?


No. no… here… allow me to visualize. :rofl:



That seems like this could complicated quickly… I might leave off the border option and you can just add the holes to whatever you want. I might just have a setting for row and column count. Then you can adjust the holes as needed and put them on anything (just delete the circles you don’t need).


That is what I envisioned first that had me laughing SO hard!


Twice in 5 minutes this place has kilt me.

This is exactly how I visualize fractional spin of subatomic particles.


Very Hudsucker Proxy of you.


Or in inkscape combine the (control k) then use booleans to subtract them from any other shape.

Then if you’re fancy break apart and color code the outer path to cut later than the circles.


Size of pegboard
Shape of holes
shape of pegboard?=0)