Pegboard Headphone Holder not for standard pegboard?

This does not seem to be designed with standard pegboard in mind. I was a little “cut happy” and cut these out without really inspecting them only to discover it’s not for standard pegboard.

It’s possible this is for Ikea Skadis board, but I am not sure - I don’t have any to verify.

Welcome to the community! I haven’t cut them, so sorry that I don’t have any input on that, but I do want to welcome you.


I agree - no way are rectangular pegs fitting into round holes. You can click the “report this design” link in the catalog to provide feedback to the Catalog team (GF staff don’t monitor the forum).

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It’s possible they’re supposed to be small enough that they transverse the round holes of a regular pegboard…

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Looking into it more, it looks like lots of Euro pegboards have 6.35mm holes AND keyholes. This looks to be for keyholes.


I have a pegboard hanger “kit” which includes molded plastic pieces with rectangular hooks. They just have to be the right size to fit thru the 1/4" holes (which they were)…

Ok, after even more research, I think I’ve determined that these are Ikea Skadis hooks, rather than the 1/4" / 1" spacing ones I’ve got in my shop. Here’s an example with precisely the same configuration: PrusaPrinters

Also - there does not seem to be a way to report a design now. Anyone have any hints? It just needs some clarifying text added. It’s a fine design.

Hmmm - normally it’s in the lower right corner

but I’m guessing since this is a :glowforge: designed design they don’t think there could possibly be something wrong with it!

I’d send it in an email with a link.


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