Pen engrave pls

Hello glowforge family I need some ideas about how to engrave on a pen using glowforge and which type I need to use, please. TIA

Can you be specific on what you mean here? You will be able to engrave on any material that the :glowforge: can cut - most woods, metal if you use an add-on like ceremark, etc.

As far as how, creating a jig is probably your best bet:


Almost any pen made of wood will engrave nicely. So will anodized aluminum pens. Stainless steel pens can be marked using something like CerMark.

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If you do any engraving on pens I recommend you remove all the plastic pieces from inside them. If not they may all melt together.


Great, I will love to try this. where did you buy this? can you pls send me the link?

I don’t know what you’re asking - I linked to a jig that was made by another :glowforge: user - the instructions on how they made it are in the post…

Thank you

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