Pencil Case / Tool Case



This was another one that started out as something else, and it decided what it wanted to be.
(I get a lot of those. :roll_eyes:)

Two different sizes because I made an error in deciding which circle to grow the living hinge off of the first time, and rather than waste the already cut parts, I just enlarged the box so I could use them. :smile:

(These open from either side.)


Lovely! I Cant wait to have my Glowforge to do some of this :smiley:


One of these days, I’ll sit down and figure out living hinges.


Just a bunch of offset slits. :grinning:
(There are other shapes too, but the slits appear to be the most functional.)


looks like it would make a very nice long match case, too.


That would make a nice gift idea at Christmas. :grinning:


Very Nice!


I love the fancy useful projects! :+1:


This is one of my favorite in the organization series so far!


These are fantastic! I could see them being really useful. I wonder how many times the living hinge like this could be opened and closed before it snaps?


Unless you twisted it side to side, I don’t think it would. They’re very strong. All the stresses on it are released by the slits.


That is such a cool concept. I didn’t know if it was like a piece of plastic or metal or whatever, and if you bend it back and forth enough, it will weaken and just break.


Neat! With all those air holes you could probably keep a gerbil or a lizard in there too. But only to transport from point A to point B–not enough living space.


Oh @Jules, you’re such a treasure in this community. These boxes, like so many of your shares, inject our day with a nice fat dose of style, elegance, and functionality.


Jules, do you have any difficulty opening it ?
I only ask as I could see it might be a problem for fingers of a certain age . :wink:
Would a small semicircular cut at the end of the flap fit in with your design ?


Whoop! Made me :blush:!


It’s not that difficult to open, you put your hand around it and lift up on the two tabs right above the cut. (I thought about making the little tabs on those stick out a little farther, but was afraid that would cause it to pop open if it’s in a backpack or purse.)

But yes, it could be easily modified for a notch as well. :grinning:

(I’ve already made a modification to the smaller case (with the cutouts on the front) to allow for personalization - engraving a child’s name for instance).


Really nice. I note that one has the slits for the hinge with the grain and the other one across the grain. Do you note much of a difference in strength and flex?


No, not much. This is plywood, so they’re both about the same.

The grain direction was a matter of luck on these - I fit them onto some partially cut up sheets where they would go. :thinking:


So cool!!! :squeeee: