Pencil Case / Tool Case

These will make a great addition to the Jules Back To School Office Supply line! :+1:


Instead of a flap, just made the “lid” come down in a flat manner and inset a tiny rare earth magnet to keep the lid shut, but not so tight that it would hinder opening.

I still like the way you made it though. I was just thinking through another iteration. :wink:


@julybighouse I was going to post this in its own thread, but it is a good fit here. This site can give you a jumpstart on a variety of boxes with simple living hinges until you get comfortable designing them yourself.

It is another good box making site for scaredyCADs like me. Enter the dimensions you want and it does the rest. They are the simplest of living hinges, just straight lines like @Jules talked about, but it can produce a nice variety of flex hinged boxes, as well as some other cool box variations that are not on other sites.

Here’s a box that I just completed for my Niece’s Birthday. It was easy to cut out of Proofgrade Walnut ply and went together quite well. Kerf was very tight on this. It was the first time I used this site One of the first boxes that I did not have to glue, but did have to use a small tack hammer (with a scrap of wood to hit) in order to put it together. The box is 4 x 6 x 2.5"with a dragonfly pattern engraved on the top. Ignore the weird lighting on the first picture.


It’s gorgeous! What a cool gift!

Does this box site have a setting for kerf, and if so did you use it?


Nice! Love the dragonfly theme! :grinning:

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It does have a “burn” correction setting in the default portion of each box set-up. I’m pretty sure that I did not make any changes there when I cut this box. I just set the material thickness after checking it with calipers.

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I was also wondering what sort of longevity could be expected from living hinges. I suppose there are several factors at play such as radius of pivot, total swing length in degrees, spacing and width of fluting/fins as well as overall pattern design, type and thickness/ply of wood, humidity, etc etc.

perfect description! Yes, she is definitely a gem in this community!


Nice “mistake” then. Love, love, love your creativity!!


Chuckle! I’m in a bind…Currently trying to get the makeup case that I was shooting for cut, before the biblical flooding arrives tomorrow.

(Finally going to be forced to houseclean, since I won’t risk the machine with iffy power. I’m going to have to take four days off from cutting. Might go into withdrawal. Send :proofgrade:)


Love that, Bill :laughing:


How long would it last?

No way of knowing yet. We do know it lasts at least one day now. :wink:


I will definitely be putting this on my to-do list, love this design!

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Hey @bill_laba, I just tried to use that site and I’ve got two questions for you.

I chose the file to be svg, but it just opened it up into a separate tab. How do I get the file?

It gave me a file where the living hinge continued through the dovetail joint, any way within the file to fix this? I know once I open it in inkscape I can edit it so the lines aren’t there, but I was looking for a way to not have to manually fix it at all.

Normally with SVGs that open in a separate tab, if you right click, it will give you the download image option Save As and that will save it as an SVG.


This is all I get:

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what browser and what OS? Have you tried Save Page As? What options does it give.

Are you selecting the SVG option in the box definition page?

Firefox on Windows 10. Haven’t tried Save Page As yet

Are you selecting the SVG option in the box definition page?