Peoples Flag of Milwuakee Resin Stainglass Flag

Hey Everyone!
I decided to make a “stain glass” flag for outside my house.

The design is based off of the original Peoples flag of Milwaukee because well…we live in milwaukee!
As always, heres a video showing how we made it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend.


Looks awesome as always!

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That is just beautiful!!!

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Came out great! It was nice to learn about the new resin as well.


LOOOOOVE!!! This is what I plan to make with mine…acrylic bezels for resin. So excited to see something this big looks this great! Amazing work!

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Check out the video; near the end, he states there is a discount code. It’s still good.

yea our code is GEEKS10 on alumilites site if you want it.

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Thanks; I just completed an order from them.

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