Perfect Alignment Every Time - The Fiducial Alignment Ruler (design in post)

I redownloaded the file, and everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be. Im not sure why you arent seeing em

yes, youll need snapmarks for this to work

I have a very similar one for my turkey calls! working like a champ for the past few months =). snapmarks are amazing

I downloaded it a second time and the extra pieces were there! Don’t know what happened the first time unless it was wonky because I have such an old version of Illustrator (CS5).

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yes! I have a couple of snapmark jigs ive been using for a number of weeks now over and over for repeat jobs. Its been great.

The fiducial alignment ruler is for everything that you really dont need a jig for or should be making one for.

example: I have 6 turkey call lids I want to engrave with the same thing all at the same time. Probably not the best thing to use the fiducial ruler for. A jig is much better. If I want to know that I can fit a piece EXACTLY somewhere on a piece of material, the fiducial ruler is perfect for that. Its also great for 1-off jobs like @cynd11 posted below.

Ive been using it on almost all single item engraves ive been doing for the last week now. Perfection every time!


yes! awesome!

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Well, right before my laser bit the dust, I was able to try this out, excellent work!

I don’t have access to Snapmark, but this tool is extremely helpful in lieu of that function. Thanks again for sharing it!


Please… I know you’ve shared this out of kindness. But allow us to buy you a beer. If you want to tell us your PayPal address or something, I’ll be more than happy to donate to you for this!


Jaw drops…
This is why I’m in the minor leagues.
Thanks @takitus - fantastic design and excellent share.


Be careful, because this tool only really works when you have snapmarks enabled. You might have just gotten lucky and your cameras were on point for that job.

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In my case, I need only to turn steps off and on, because most of my work is double sided. and I find it easier than working with two files. So I’ll only ever use it as an anchor for when I need to remove the piece I’m working with temporarily. In conjunction with the Glowforge’s ability to “remember” where I last had my artwork, so long as I don’t accidentally move anything, then this will work wonders :grin:


Yes definitely, having a solid holding position is a huge help. It’s the closest you can get to perfection without snapmarks


Very cool. Got a link to a source for the magnets that “just work” in that design?

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I used 10mm magnets and adjusted according to those. The file he’s shared is very easy to adapt, but if also like to see his supplier. I used: for when I ordered mine a while back and have loved them.

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I’m pretty sure these are the ones I’m using. I bought them from my local Home Depot.

Any 8mm x 3mm neodymium should work however.


I have a suggestion. Rule both back and front (reverse might be in mm) – AND rule both vertical and horizontal members. The square might find use in other areas of a shop.

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Thank you for sharing this. I cannot wait until I see Snapmark available. I will love this.

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I probably should have added it to the short side, but didnt out of laziness. I use clear acrylic for mine, so I can see through it which allows me to use it flipped over (with coloring over the backside of the snapmarks so the laser can see them).

In the file there is even a metric ruler hidden that you can swap out for the imperial one.

But yeah, my original design called for rulers down both sides, but I just got a bit lazy and wanted to upload it before I ran out of time =).

Thanks for the suggestion! Ill make sure its in there if theres a v2!


I’m on a basic and have Snapmark, so there is hope! Just be patient!


I remember when you first proposed this, sharing it around thinking how cool it will be when it is ready. And it’s ready! It’s great! Thank you!