Perfect cart for glowforge!


OK, I pulled the trigger on the Harbor Freight one, thanks to @jbmanning5’s heads-up on the coupon code. (If you use it, it only works with one of the three model numbers that appear when you search for “60 in. 4 Drawer Hardwood Workbench” on the HF site.)

Although I already bought a table a long time ago, I’ve gotten far too attached having it around for other purposes. Plus, I decided it was a little too high to put the Forge on.

Thanks all!


While I agree they may not appear to be the most robust build, this is a pic of whats in just one of tge drawers. The pipe wrenches alone weigh
15lbs. My bench is 4+ yrs old and the drawers show no sign of failure.
I wouldn’t be concerned about storing :proofgrade: in there.


Though to be honest the drawers dont open particularly far. I often find my self wishing the slides extended further. Getting full sheets of :proofgrade: in and out may be a challenge. Maybe not.


That looks like a nice table! Would probably be handy to have a little
space next to the GF to place small tools, tape et al. Seems like the group
here is leaning towards the HF table… I wish there was some feedback from
a user of this one! Nice that it comes on casters. Thanks for all the


Hi There, I do not have my unit yet, thank for that valuable insight! The
things you don’t know until it’s in your hands…


Thanks for the great suggestion! :slight_smile:


Oh, awesome! Casters would be a definite plus in my space situation. Thanks
for the link!


I strongly agree. While I personally don’t find the GF very noisy, others have. Putting this on a metal table would only amplify the noise and I’ve never seen a table on casters that’s rock solid.


Thanks, great to know! I had not accounted for vibrations. My machine is on
it’s way. Will look for a solid table, most likely that HF table everyone
is psyched about!


I just put all of my :proofgrade: materials in the drawer…a few at a time, in or out, no problemo. Just so you know…:grinning:


I don’t think anyone has mentioned this table from ikea

It’s quite solid. This is what my Glowforge is on and I’m very happy. I havent yet but I may add some casters similar to ths ones I posted above. It’ll take some drilling and using different bolts than the ones supplied but should be easy.
They’re definitely overkill but not sure if there are similar light weight options.

(Not going to knock anyones taste but I went with the solid white option :sunglasses:)


That’s one of the options that I’ve been considering for when I get my pro. Good to hear that it’s solid - I was a bit worried that it would be flimsy.


Would someone who has their glowforge on a HF workbench please post a quick pick? The HF workbench isn’t very deep, although lots of room on both sides for clutter, and for people considering using it with their glowforge they may want to see how much, if any, overhang there is. Worst case they wind up with a rock solid workbench at a very reasonable price, but…


I’m glad you mentioned that! I just realized I only have space for a 4’ table. Fortunately, I was able to cancel the order. Bummer.


We found some stacking 5 drawer flat files on Craigslist that fit the unit perfectly – very sturdy and so much room for materials! The drawers are large enough to keep everything flat and organized.


Wow, that was an incredible find! I’d love to have a set of flat files like that! :grinning:


Check around nearby Craigslists – we drove 2 hours each way to get them but it was well worth it!


Oh, I’ve already got mine set up - we built a table and bought some storage. I’m going to just have to lust after yours. :smile:


I plan to build one. This week my Maslow CNC ships and I am hoping to use it to make drawers and sides to a mobile cart I am building with 4x4 legs and 2x4 frame. When done I will post some pics.


Having thought a bit more about @Xnit comment, and searching around a bit more, I’m now looking at a heavier-duty bench, specifically:

The only issue is that this is only 36" wide (with the GF spec’ed at 38"). But as it has no lip, and the previously posted pictures of the bottom of the GF show the feet-pads not going all the way out to the outer edge, I’m hoping this would work ok.

BTW, if the reviews are to be believed, the bench above weights > 250lb (see post below for actual weight) - so I would expect that would absorb any movement of the GF (even given the cart is on casters).

Any of y’all who currently have your GF have any thoughts on 24 x 36" tables? They work ok for you?

P.S: for anyone else searching around to table/bench ideas there are a number of past threads on it, such as: