Final GF table choices

Hi! I know there of been several threads about this topic, With the date really closing in I need to make a final decision about a table. I have chosen the pro, so it is going to need to be on wheels so that I can pull it out to use the pass-through (!!!).

Let’s use this thread to post pictures of your final choice of table and provide reviews/recommendations and perhaps links to purchase.

I remember seeing a link to a harbor freight rolling toolbox. That seemed good to me. Important to me will be 20 x 12 storage for all of my sheet goods.



Looks like most of the rolling toolboxes are only 18" deep. Do you think we will need to make a wider top or do the feet sit within the 18"?


I’ve pretty much just got the width of the GF to work with and also need casters for my Pro, so I will be gone my with one of these:

I can’t believe how few options I had for a rolling tool chest in that ~36" range!

My GF is going between the garage door & an access door into the garage becase there is alreasy a wall vent there. Really makes me wish I had an extra 6" of space!


I went with this. Got it on sale for $100 off.

The length is great and leaves space on the side for my scanner and other bits. The GF fits on it nicely. Some folks might think it’s tall but I don’t sit and look into it so it doesn’t have to be at eye level or below when I’m sitting for my use. Also, I have a filter coming so it will be even taller. Not a problem for me but YMMV.

Some of the IKEA options might be good if you add casters (you can get good heavy duty locking ones at Home Depot/Lowes). Then you can have a lower table and use one of the IKEA options for full sheet materials storage.


Maybe hacking these retractable casters might work for some people.

I have my eye on a map storage table, which will keep my material nice and flat, but throwing those on so I can move it around when I need to use the passthrough.

I think (am hoping) this option will work well in practice. I did this IKEA “hack” but with different leg heights than they had on some of the levels and I added casters on the bottom. I have my materials (minus :proofgrade: that I still need to pick up from UPS) organized on it and the layout is really nice for flat storage.



I liked this one. There’s a drawer unit one that someone posted as well. But I like the open shelf design. I find that if it’s in the drawers I have to label them and then I have to look in them to see what I’ve got. If I end up needing the drawer for something else or need more room then I have to mess with the labels. With the open shelf design I can see what I’ve got stashed where and how much is left. If I outgrow a shelf I can move the other stuff down a shelf and free up room for more of whatever I’m using most of. Open is good :slight_smile:

I set the PRU up on the HD cabinet with wood in the left drawers and plastic in the right drawers by thickness and PG 20x12 sheets in the top long/wide drawer. Then I fell in love with PG and it wasn’t enough (the left & right drawers won’t take a full 20x12 but I tend to use a lot of 12x12 so figured I was good).

Your Ikea flat shelf is perfect for full size work. I’m going to build one for our MakerSpace too - that stuff is 18x24 and people lean it up against the laser and it’s a mess :slight_smile:

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I have a workbench with 4 drawers and don’t want labels, but hate having to open the drawers to remember what is where. Always finding myself looking for alternate ways to store things I use in the open. That’s actually what made me decide to go with the open format. I’m sure the open shelving will be very appreciated in your MakerSpace. :slight_smile:

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I like this one, but do the drawers hold PG sheets? The description says they are not quite 20".

The top one does. The others are a half inch too narrow :slightly_frowning_face: That wasn’t a big issue when I got it as I wasn’t anticipating a lot of PG use. I’ve come to rethink that. :smiling_face:

I keep my 12x12 stock in the drawers. I use a lot of that (from Amazon). The full size PG goes on a set of open shelves from and Ikea hack that was posted here. I like that one a lot because I can see what I’ve got left without rifling through drawers.

The small PG goes in the HD cabinet. I keep wood on the left and acrylic & other in the right side drawers. Each drawer has a thickness (3mm, 6mm, etc) all put together so it’s segregated to make it easy.

I have a Pro coming so clipping the half inch off the long boards is doable. But I really like the Ikea table/shelves.

While looking around to see if my “new” “table” would be too high, I found @terence’s post from waaaay back. It goes into awesome detail about adding casters by using…wait for it…a glowforged jig;p


After a sweaty weekend in the garage building in some shelves, I found my Glowforge table! What makes a pretty crappy 6ft storage shelf can be assembled much shorter, making it much less wobbly, and offering lots of thin, flat storage space.

It is the Edsal 72-in H x 48-in W x 24-in D 5-Tier Steel Freestanding Shelving Unit, found at Lowe’s (in the US). And is normally $85. Random library books are placed to roughly indicate how much space the Glowforge will take up. I plan on replacing the thin MDF on the top with some leftover bamboo flooring so that it can handle the beastly weight of the GF;p


Nice! I think I’m going to steal this idea.

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Found similar casters on amazon:

And paired with these leveling feet a workbench could be easily moved and then leveled:

I know from the other discussions that the surface on which the :glowforge: sits needs to be flat. I don’t know how important it is that it also be level, but I would assume level is better than not level. If the floor is slightly tilted, and one needs to rotate the workbench to have long things go through the pass-through (having the bench parallel to the wall normally, then rotate 90 degrees to use passthrough) one might need to adjust level differently in the two positions.

There are a bunch of “Leveling casters” that kind of combine the two features, but those seem to have to use the leveling feature to also do the lifting-off-the-wheel function.

Having the lifting casters as one function and the leveling feet a separate function, one can lift the weight off the feet, adjust, and then lower back onto the feet. Seems easier to me.


I just finished building that IKEA hack, with a few different tops. Loving the flat storage!

I have the fan for my ventilation rebuild, but I’m thinking I’m not going to get to it today. I had a whole day off and it was all used up making furniture instead of lasering things!


Beautiful! I’m so envious!

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The flat storage is so nice to have and you still have so much free space. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine now that it’s all organized.


That looks like a PRO. How do you use the pass-through without casters? I love the clean look, stability and easy access to storage. Do you worry about dust and debris on the raw goods or the GF is very clean that way? I’m wondering if drawers would be better to keep the materials clean.


I don’t. First of all, the passthrough isn’t enabled yet, but more importantly, I don’t have any interest in using it. Down the road, I may replace the bottom feet with casters.

Are you going to put the FLOORING OVER the MDF?

Just flooring alone might not give you the strength you need. as the flooring is designed to lay on a subfloor.

I just installed 1100 sq feet of coretec plus flooring and without the MDF you might have it sag.

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