Perfect Polaroid attach veneer spacer

I just got my Glowforge Plus set up and am so excited to use it I think I may have missed something. Set 2 says attach the veneer spacer. Where is it? My machine cut two pieces basically and I do not see anything cut in that shape.

In my excitement did I miss a step? I’ve read the instructions three times. Feeling real foolish right now.

Need more information. Have you done the tutorials? Have you checked for multiple files for the project?

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Hi there - it would help if you told us which file/project you’re trying to cut. :slight_smile:

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hi! thanks for responding. i followed the videos for it, but its like i am missing this veneer spacer thing. it doesn’t say where it comes from. it doesn’t have it in the list of things to cut.

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hi there! i am trying the light plywood perfect polaroid frame. on step 2 its says “Attach veneer spacer” though it doesn’t say where to find said veneer spacer. it just shows something that looks liek it was cut out, but its not on the list of things to cut nor is it the same thickness as the material being cut. it doesn’t list anything extra in the tool except glue which i have and wil use to glue the veneer spacer to the back of the frame and the front of the frame pieces. yet… here we are again with the mysterious veneer spacer. start with the veneer spacer. peel off its adhesive backing… its not in the box of materials sent either.


There are two separate files in your Dashboard that you will need. The veneer is a separate file.

When you purchased the design, both files should have been added to your Dashboard, but they might not be near one another.


thank you! i didn’t purchase the design. it was just in the dashboard. now i know there are two separate files.

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