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I am new to using the Glowforge. I recently purchased the Glowforge Aura. In the design dashboard can you tell me what Performance Series Printers Only means when choosing a design.

Thanks. Michele

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Welcome to the forum! This is the best accessory Glowforge ever came up with.

The original :glowforge: CO2 lasers are “Performance Series”. The :aura: printer is a diode laser, so the abilities are very different :slight_smile:


As @deirdrebeth said these designs have been tested with the co2 lasers. If there are things that fit together these files just won’t work for you but any that are single layer you can experiment with material that works with the Aura.



Thank you!

Does that mean that the Glowforge Aura can print those images that say “Performance Series Printers Only”?

The Performance Series Printers are the Glowforge Basic, Plus and Pro.

A design that says “Performance Series Only” may be too large (wider than 12") or may use materials the Aura can’t or shouldn’t cut (clear acrylic, white acrylic, draftboard, etc).

Exactly why a design is marked as Performance Series Only is going to vary design to design.


Thank you so much for the explanation. I appreciate it.

If you have premium you can download the design and look at the size of the parts. I have a lot of stuff in the catalog that is labeled “performance only”, but there is no reason they will not work in Aura. The lamps I designed take up an entire sheet of 12x20 light plywood, but that is six of 7 pieces, and the four on the end will fit in one sheet of 11x11 and the other 3 on most of another, so making it in light plywood might take a while but otherwise work fine. Coasters, of course, may take time to engrave but otherwise are 4x4 inches in light plywood.


I don’t think you can download any of the catalog designs besides the Project Print A Toy items?


You are correct, What I meant was to your GFUI and look but it did not read that way. Thank you.


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