Periodic Lamp...thing

Continuing the discussion from Periodic Table of the Elements in AI:

I’m not sure if anyone has posted anything like this lamp before, but I needed to share it when I saw it. I want one of these so badly. I really like the glass vials to put samples of the noted element as a collection. I think I would shy away from some of the elements with a little too many isotopes.


Nice! Also imagine if a point light source were placed in the middle, projecting the Table onto the bedroom walls at night. A good way to memorize elements as you’re going to sleep?


I wonder, though, will the laser etch lines from the GF on glass be enough to score and break it instead of using a traditional glass cutter?

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Not generally. If you look at the score line from a CO2 laser (at least those 60W & under that I’ve used) under magnification you can see the difference between a glass cutter score and a laser score - the first is a crisp clean line and the laser’s is almost as ragged and fractured looking as a fractal pattern. Sometimes you can break it along the main score line but mostly it jaggies up and runs in sideways directions due to those micro-fractures.


Awesome, thanks.

We have a genuine Theo Gray quilt, although apparently not a picture of it. As far as I know, it’s not radioactive…

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Except you’d have to etch everything in reverse!

k, I know I’m not the only one on the forum who has memorized (most of - up to Polonium) Tom Lehrer’s Elements song:

I bet we could do the Lamp in colored and engraved acrylic :thumbsup:


You are not…this video is the twin’s favorite thing on Youtube:

And as a result, my wife and I are quite familiar with the table now.


that’s wonderful - when my niece was 2, I started teaching it to her. I figured that if kids can sing “supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” then they can darn well learn The Elements Song.


I was reprimanded by my wife, when she heard me leaning over the side of the cot, saying to my 2 week old daughter " The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the …" .
Ah, memories


This is so cool. It would be beautiful even without the vials, but they would make it so much more interesting.


My father in law worked his whole life with pane glass and he explained to me that a glasscutter doesn’t actually remove material, but pushes the glass deeper into itself creating a sort of wedge on the line. The glass particles in the wedge is why it breaks as clean.

I guess a laser removes material from the glass hence no glass wedge?


That is a thing of beauty! Building one with actual samples would be tough, though:

(you can buy sets from him at


It shatters the surface.

With all the discussion of glass, I’d say (especially with kids) use acrylic and color with glass paint or alcohol inks!


Oh wow! Totally digging this. Thanks for sharing