Periodic Table of the Elements in AI



I had an idea for using the periodic table. Easy enough to build one yourself from scratch, but why bother when it already exists in a very-well organized vector format as an AI file under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License:

Periodic Lamp...thing
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I can see where this will come in handy. Bookmarked!

Thank you.


Ditto. This’ll look cool in acrylic.


It would look cool in acrylic…might use one of the Proofgrade sheets for that…I’ve been trying to decide what to do with them. :heart_eyes:

(That would be a worthy project.)


Great find, bookmarked.


I have noticed that each element is in it’s own, separate, black-stroked, white-filled box. Good for pulling a single element out, but (at least as far as i understand the software at this point) it would be a lot of double-engraves if it was sent directly to the GF as is.


That is actually how I was thinking of using this file, pulling out the elements I need to make some dorky signs/nameplates for a couple of the ChemEs that I work with


Yes. This would be a great test for the acrylic. I have some smaller Proofgrade scraps that I can print a mini table on that would still be legible. Tonight!


Can probably be rasterized quickly if you wanted to do just an engrave of the whole thing. But thanks for the heads-up.

(Might be a good Illustrator demo.)


oh, um… yeah. You are quite right. I think of everything in terms of pure vector output these days, because of my plotter.


Chuckle! So do i…working on all of those tuts a month ago reminded me. :smile:


Awesome find. Thanks!


Awesome! I will need to make something with it to give to my neighbor who loves Chemistry. :nerd: Thanks for sharing!


For some of us non chemist, I have a program on my iPad and iPhone called “Elements” not cheap, but very good.


Text is still text in this file as imported into Inkscape. This gets stripped out if importing into GFUI. Going to save it as a PNG and engrave. Will work on converting text to paths later.