Persistently stuck centering or scanning

I have issues on both hotspot and wifi too, and have zero issues with wifi stability on anything else. I just set up a dedicated guest network SSID on my router. I saw that suggested in one of the forums here. So far today, GF is scanning, homing, centering, focusing great. So maybe try putting the GF on it’s own dedicated network to eliminate interference? BUT my glow light is still staying on after every print requiring a reboot.


I have a similar issue. Yesterday the machine started- centering / focussing, up till now. Emailed support, they are sending a replacement cable for the lid.

support says to post in the forums or email, so I decided to do a forum post. Where are they? It seems that a support person answered a post newer than mine with a similar issue /:

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I just created a guest network and connected the GF to it, no dice. Any special settings on the guest network?

No special settings. My router selected the best channel and all other settings I left the same as the main internet network. I might have spoken too soon though because I started to have the “stuck” issues again. I rarely engrave proofgrade materials. I do a lot of cork coasters and wooden spoons. I was on my last coaster after engraving fine all morning. Then got stuck. Switched to a different material and working no problem now engraving a wooden spoon. Go figure! Hopefully you get a response soon!

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Oh no, sorry to hear that it was jinxed. I hope support chimes in soon too

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.