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Y’all can always take a Myers-Briggs type test to find out more about your personalities.

Here is a link to a free test:

Unlike other online tests of this sort, there is no need to offer up any personal information, including an email address, to get results. The results, plus an explanation of them, are offered at the end of the test.

I just took the test, the results were accurate for me (I’ve taken this style of test many times before in line with my job).

At the end, there is a list of famous and fictitious people that share the same personality traits. That’s pretty fun.


So my wife and I both took it. I got INFP, which upon reading the description was quite accurate. My wife got INFJ. I was less convinced on her results. They weren’t completely wrong but not as close as mine. And after 25 yrs of marriage is feel more qualified to judge her than a 12 minute test😇


I took the test about 20 years ago, and came out an INFP–in fact, pretty much topped out the scale on all four categories. I was as introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving as a person could get. A couple of years ago, I took it again and scored pretty close to the middle of the introversion scale, so maybe I topped out my introversion tank and now have to actually start spending time with other people. :smile:


OK, I’m supposedly ENFJ-A. Not sure I agree. I think I’m more INTJ.

Famous ENFJs

Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
John Cusack
Ben Affleck
Sean Connery
Jennifer Lawrence
Demi Lovato

Fictional ENFJs

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
Morpheus from The Matrix
The Oracle from The Matrix
Skyler White from Breaking Bad
Laurel Lance from Arrow
Isobel Crawley from Downton Abbey
Seeley Booth from Bones



I am an INTP.


I got INTP (Logician) like Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, and Leslie Winkle. The description sounded pretty accurate.


I test out as an ESTP-A …Entrepreneur
Good thing i guess, given what we do. (Built/own a business.) (chuckle!):smile:

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Got a D+ with extra credit for reading the Wiki on Meyers-Briggs.

edit: Don’t think there are any famous people with my personality type. The wife says I’m a cross between Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang and Dexter from the Showtime series (minus the serial killer part).


ISTJ here. Full on introvert that learns from observations, thinks things through and judges everything and everybody. Sorry, but that’s just how my math works and explains why I prefer the gunslinger chair in the room and couldn’t draw even a stickman for love or money. :v:

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Took the Myers-Briggs years ago and was a INTP. Believe it or not, I have changed. Now an ISTJ. Attribute the change to dealing with people and situations. Life changes your perspectives and your world view.


A-ha! I knew that psych degree would eventually come in handy…

Two things to keep in mind about inventories like this:

  1. The actual MBTI takes a couple of hours to complete, as it’s much longer to accommodate repeating verification questions.

  2. Although one’s MBTI “type” is not generally believed to change dramatically over time, there is a well-documented progression of expressed traits over time. In other words, while someone might test out as an INTJ, their outward behavior over time can change in a (kinda) predictable pattern as they age.

For those of us who remember Hagar the Horrible, there’s a wonderful book called Let A Viking Do It that illustrates the 16 types using characters from Dik Brown’s comic strip. And yes, I test out as “Hagar…” :sunglasses:

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I had written up a diatribe in the other thread (roughly the same time this one was made by the time stamps it would appear)… but I am happy to hear that there are in-person versions to be used instead. Because that would clear up most of my issues with this self-reporting method.

Surprising we have so many INTP, since they claim that only 3% of the population are such (which isn’t as remarkable as it sounds. 16 types means 6.25% to each type if evenly split). Since this is a forum where you cannot speak unless you bought some tech for a decent pricetag… it likely limits the range of people who would be here. And of course only people who participate in an online discussion would contribute… and only those who would bother with an online quiz…

Sounding less surprising that so many people share a type, and more entertaining to identify the types not represented…


I admit I had bailed on the other discussion early on, but just read your post. :+1:

Don’t recall the breakdown of MBTI types, but they are not evenly represented in the population. As you point out, we’re a self-selected group, so at one level I’d expect high numbers of a small subset of types. OTOH, there are a lot of us, so representation probably trends towards the normal distribution.

Disclaimer - My degree was in physiological psych, not the “touchy-feely” variety. Nobody wants an INTJ therapist! Denis Leary has a routine that nicely predicts what I would have been like as a clinician. :innocent:

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I’m a INFJ-T

So what do the -A and -T that the program tacks on mean? (A = ass? T=Terminator?)


Me too, whoa.

I’ve taken various versions of the test…my results are always the same. Weird. Maybe I am taking the test as opposed to the test taking me. :upside_down:

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INFJ here. Based on the summary I was given (keep in mind this was several years ago), there’s only about 1% of us. The summary also says that “ESP is likely found in an INFJ more than any other type”. Maybe I have a superpower! :slight_smile:

I took the test many years ago and was an INFP. Just retook the test and I’m … still an INFP. Guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :yum:

It looks like the “-A” means Assertive and the “-T” means Turbulent.


okay…I was close…chuckle! :sweat_smile: