Personalized Cake topper

How can I get my personalized cake topper to cut out correctly as one piece

Instead of several pieces it’s not connecting correctly
The name and age separated and the bottom separates
Not sure what I’m doing

Hi Lovely,

I make cupcake toppers and you have to weld the letters together in the the software you are using to make the topper… I hope this helps?


That is an interesting file to offer for sale, because if you have the skills to add the age and name, you have the skills to make the rest of it, too.


I agree!

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You need to join / unite (or whatever your software calls the feature) the age and the name to the horizonal bars. They have to OVERLAP with the bar to some degree or they will not join / connect to it. What I usually do is place the name below or above the bar (whatever the case may be) , just touching it, And then I go in and individually select the points on the vector letters right next to the bar and pull them into the bar area to ensure there is the needed overlap. Sometimes you have to add points (on a curve) or a little box to preserve the letter’s form. But the points on LIVIA and 4 can just be pulled straight up or down. Once you have the overlap established for each letter / number, select them all and the bar, too, and click “unite”.


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