PG acrylic engrave settings

So I just thought of something. Recently I made a little LED sign which many on here have seen, I’ll link to that post:

My question really is this. When I made some keychains on the clear acrylic a while back, it didn’t seem like it engraved as deeply as it did on the sign. I don’t remember doing anything different between the two, just the file type I uploaded to the GUI was different. The keychains I believe used a PNG and the sign was an SVG file. Left the settings to whatever the forge had chosen on both. Was there something I’ve missed on the sign settings? I like the way it turned out, but, I feel it could have not engraved as deeply on the sign and it would have been faster and looked a bit better…

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Possibly. If you used a PNG, the color makes a difference. If using the vari-power option, it will modulate the power dependent upon the grayscale value of the pixels.

For a vector, you assign a single power.


One thought–had you cleaned the lenses before doing the keychains? Sometimes acrylic can leave residue/blow back on the lens, and will thus affect quality on subsequent jobs. And I only know enough to be dangerous, but different files is more likely the cause–since line resolution & such can vary, so even with the same power, speed & thickness, you’ll get different result with different lpi & such, or if images had different contrast…

Actually the keychains were the first acrylic projects I worked on. I’m thinking it has to do with the resolution of the images I used and the different formats of them. The keychains I engraved some text that was a pretty low resolution image to be honest. The LED sign was a much higher res SVG file.

I have made that mistake more than once.

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I don’t remember having an option for vary power or for convert to dots with the image…but, who knows.

Vector images don’t have those options. Vectors are all or nothing, more or less.

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