PG Acrylic - Intricate design - How to remove masking?

Hi I’m a total newbie… and I did my first project on PG Acrylic … the etching is fairly detailed and I am having a horrible time getting the masking off… any tips? Thank you so much in advance!

Gorilla tape works well, although personally I have better luck with a plastic razor blade. I use that as a scraper. The downside is, you get streaks from the masking adhesive so you have to go back and clean it really well afterwards. I use the Novus cleaner for that.


Thank you so much Elsie… I tried the plastic razor blade but its still really slow going. I do not have gorilla tape but may buy some and try it.

Good luck! And as far as the razor goes, it does work, but you kind of have to not be scared of scratching anything. I have yet to get a scratch or anything that the novus cleaner and polish won’t fix.

For acrylic you can just wash it off…once it’s soggy it comes off easily.


@ElsieH gave good advice , and there’s also a rich history of discussion available, just search for “acrylic masking” or “acrylic clean”.

I like wood clothes pins–hard enough to get the edge and masking off, but soft enough it doesn’t scratch the acrylic… and a soft brush or pin to get any tiny pieces that settle into the depressions out.

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I second plastic razor blades


Black Gorilla Tape! I did this for myself and removed all the masking by hand and was almost never going to do stuff like this again until I found the black gorilla tape suggestion so made another for my dad and it saved me hours! Just keep using a clean section of the tape.


For engraves, soak it in warm water then use a soft brush to scrub it off. Tape works great as well, but is expensive if you have a larger area and water works just fine.

For super delicate cuts, the tape can prevent a risk of breaking parts.


Thanks for the answer everyone. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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