PG Cherry Not Cutting or Engraving Properly

I would leave it at 0.125 to start with as it is best to only change one thing at a time when troubleshooting. Then if it was still out of focus I would try setting it to 0.4".

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Stack height = .453 in
Med draftboard = .135 with masking

Same settings as previous screen shot.

Cut = perfect, piece fell right to the grating below


So it seems to measure the wrong height and complain about it but then uses it in preference to the manual setting and focuses way too high.

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That seems a fair assessment.

The circle diameter was .944 instead of 1.00 but that was somewhat expected from changing the surface height (although, that does beg the question about how much defocusing of the beam is too much? I’ll have to get out my calculator at some point)

It never focuses above 0.417", so assuming that is where it is stuck at, your stack was a little high.

I hope you’re feeling better, @hansepe,and thanks for taking the time to run those tests. I’m so sorry you still ran into trouble with those prints.

I took a look at the information from your Glowforge along with the team, and a couple more changes have been made from our end.

Could you please reboot your Glowforge and try one more print? Thank you once again for your patience and understanding. I hope to hear from you soon!


I had the same problem after cleaning my glowforge. After loosing my mind and triple checking. Figured out that I installed the lens in the head upside down. Yes even with the cool blue applicator tool I still managed to replace it upside down.
At first it seemed to engrave ok but would burn and never cut thru.


@vee - Thank you very much.

Everything looked better from the start this time. The engraving, the scoring and everything cut perfectly. I made another copy of the “Gift of Good Measure” because one just can’t have too many of those, right?

Whatever you and the team did it worked perfectly! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to making more stuff again.

ps: @Rita - Thank you too!


I didn’t clean mine until after it stopped cutting.

Wild guess on my part, but I probably didn’t get one of the software pushes or I only got a partial. Whatever software push I got last night fixed things.

Thanks so much for following up! This is great news.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread now - please let us know if you run into any other trouble. Happy printing!

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