Pg maple plywood med, cut failure all default


Dice tower all default settings failure to penetrate all the way


have you performed your routine cleaning lately? if not, it might be a fixable problem that you can do without having to wait…


Oh man, bummer. That’s a lot of Proofgrade. I’m sure you thought of this, but one thing that is controllable on your end is lens cleaning. Have you done 40 hours?


routine clean lol… if you recall I cant exactly use the machine unless no neighbors are around. I have ran precisely 2 hard wood maples and 1 maple plywood and some glass, I hope this doesn’t need a cleaning for every 4sq of material processed


LOL well I don’t know to bad we don’t have a total used time. but no less then 5 hours and most of that time on glass that doesn’t really do anything


Ouch, at least results of the proofgrade with default settings should be guaranteed. I’m sure the company will stand behind the machine and their material.


it got all the first vaneer and the MDF but stopped short on the bottom vanier. going through with a razor blade now. but I cant find my cutting matt… so ya risking leg here lol

I would do a clean just for haha’s but the neighbors are home again so wont be able to run anything anyway, who knows prolly not something re producible but don’t when I wqould be able to try again anyway


One of the first things they will ask you is if the PG is dead flat. If it isn’t then the focus of the beam will be off and fail to get through PG in some places while it cuts through just fine in other spots on the same sheet. I hold everything down with rare earth magnets to ensure it’s flat to the grid. My PG will warp slightly even though it’s on a flat surface. Humidity.

Not saying this is your problem but small focus differences has caused me similar failures when trying to kiss the rear mask.


guess continuous focus is still not working but dang .02 causeing a failure :frowning:


Just to be clear. Not saying that a extremely small difference in focus would cause such a thing with PG settings. They probably have the PG settings far more conservative to allow a reasonable amount a variation but your material needs to be reasonably flat.

BTW: I deleted my focus numbers only because I don’t want people to misunderstand what I was trying to say. Bottom line is that focus is very important to getting through any material so keep material flat.


It’s so worth it to buy one of these:

That five dollar investment has probably saved me a couple hundred bucks in “not-quite-cut-through” Proofgrade with this PRU. We didn’t have fixed settings for months, and everything around here warps.

Just use the pick to lift a cut and see if it cut through, without moving the backing material. If not, just run a second pass for the cuts without moving anything on the bed or the screen.

No lie, EVERYONE needs one of these things. It’s a money saver. :slightly_smiling_face:


What would also be a cool idea for the hopper unless it already exists (still waiting for my email, so I wouldn’t know :pensive:) is a odometer. But would tell you ytd running time of your gf. Then have like recommended maintenance tips along the way.


Send a note to Support. They guarantee PG results.

And they’ll want to know what’s up with your machine. They’ll probably want a copy of the file so they can try to recreate the issue.


No need to send a redundant note to support - they monitor P&S now, so a post here is as good as an email. (They’ll let you know if they need a file for troubleshooting etc).


Good to hear.

If I remember correctly, proofgrade is guaranteed under the automatic settings right?
So a replacrment is in order if there are no other reasons found for the error?


I did check the tube lens and the head lens and the fireing lense they all looked darn clean


Would you be so kind as to print a Founder’s Ruler on a piece of draftboard or hardwood and let me know how that goes?


Once I have a opportunity where the neighbors are not around


I use scrape 1/2" disks under my boards so when it cuts through, it drops…I used not to be now its easier to check…if its not down, I can touch it to see if it just got hung up or didnt cut through…


I tried that with a few things a while back and was getting a lot of flashback underneath from the air circulation. :thinking: