PG settings- told they were changed?

Quick question, I have been communicating with GF customer support because my machine is not cutting well on the right side. After a couple original emails they told me they changed my settings and asked me to cut the gift of good measure again. I loaded my proof grade material as requested and made the cut but it didn’t cut through. When I sent them the email and pictures I was told I needed to do it again because I went in and changed all the settings and it should be cut with the PG settings. I am a little confused as I didn’t touch the settings and ensured the GF read the PG label. Has anyone had this happen before, and is it possible the GF uploaded the incorrect settings? I didn’t even click on the individual setting boxes, but was told, “I took a look at the logs from the print and it looks like the settings used were not the default settings, each step of the design shows a change.”

I will cut it again, but I am running out of PG material and am wondering if this is a common issue?

You’ve opened another support ticket by posting here – next time if you just want to ask the community, “everything else” is a better option. :slight_smile:

When your job is set up with PG settings, the steps down the left of the screen will say “cut,” “score,” and “engrave.” If you click on any of those, it takes you into the settings flyout where you can set custom settings instead. If you’ve done that, the setting numbers will be shown instead of the words cut/score/engrave.

Might you have changed the settings the last time you printed a Gift of Good Measure? The settings you’ve used previously might have been stored in the file. If you click on the 3 dots in the top menu bar, then “design info,” there’s a button to reset the design. That should put it back to its default settings.

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Thank you, this is my first time posting to the community pages so I didn’t realize that it opened a new ticket, I assumed emailing support was the only way to do that.

That was the odd part. I didn’t change any settings and had just loaded the gift of good measure, cutting it twice and not changing or touching the settings. I will reload it and do it again tomorrow, just wasn’t sure how/ why it would say I individually changed each of them when I had not touched them and was curious if it was a common problem.

Thank you again for answering me, I knew about how to show the settings in the menu rather than “cut”, etc, but I didn’t realize selecting the dots would let me reset the design. Thats good to know :slight_smile:

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Hello @eratrett - I’ve just come across this ticket, and see this concern has also been taken care of in the email thread you’re working through with one of my colleagues.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic since troubleshooting on this has since continued via email. Please let us know via that email thread if you have any other questions or concerns!