Pg waffle pattern in finish

Not sure if this is a thing or not. Did up some items and on of them looks to have waffling in the pg cherry hardwood finish


They look great from the pic… which are you referring to with the"waffling"?

Open the picture full screen and look at the godmother one

I’ve noticed that on a few pieces myself. Cute idea for the godparents!

All I can see is wood grain running horizontally but that would be underneath the finish. Am I missing something?


You have to view the photo at full resolution.

On the top item, there is a distinct pattern running vertically across the wood, perpendicular to the grain.

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Ah, yes if I download it and blow it up I can see vertical striations that are very fine, only about twice the pitch of the finger prints. I wouldn’t be able to see it in the actual object by eye as I can’t really see my own finger prints at arms length.

i’ve had some finish issues with an order of cherry ply before. mine actually had very little finish on them, they were a bit rough to the touch. this may be something similar.

I’m sorry for my terribly slow reply. Thanks for letting us know about this! Proofgrade hardwoods are a natural product with natural variations, but there does appear to be an issue with the finish on this piece.

You should see a credit on your account to replace this piece of Cherry Hardwood. I’ve passed along your feedback and photo so we can continue to strive toward a consistent Proofgrade experience. If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know by opening a new topic or reaching out to

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