Phone cover

Super cute, you are a skilled coloring artist!


I think that just means that it has the magnetic mount in it. Like my clear plastic case, you can even see the magnet in it and it sticks to their charger automatically. I have mine in the iPhone 12 stand I found on here.


Exactly. Apple has trademarked the phrase MagSafe. They first used it in the MacBook Air.

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Yeah, but that since I have a magnetic charger, I just want to know if the wooden case is compatible. Meaning, if I stick it to my magnetic charger, will it stick. I don’t care what they call it really.

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MacBook Pro in 2006. Air didn’t come out until 2008. Was also in the white MacBooks of 2006. Was my first Mac device.


Before 2015, it was all Windows. Decided to try a MacBook—- I was already a fan already owning an iPhone, iPads, shuffle, Touch, etc. Spent a little over $3000 on a MacBook Pro.

This past May got a MacBook Air and the watch. Last week, purchased a new iPad Pro.

This is how protective I am with my Apple toys—-if I leave the house and an Apple stays behind it ALWAYS gets locked up in the safe!!


You know, I was a Genius at a couple apple stores until 2010. I repaired more macs than I can count, but I do not remember the MagSafe on the 2006 white MacBook. Weird. But of course you are correct.


My second was the 2009 first Gen i7 27” iMac. I think it ran me about 2700. Still use it today. I have a thread on the boards about the upgrades I did to it when the GPU crapped out on me in I think fall 2016.

Doubled the RAM from the apple states max of 16gb to 32gb. A 2010 GPU. A higher speed CPU than apple ever sold for it. And a 2tb hybrid drive.


I would not even know how to do something like this. I might attempt changing things on a $200 laptop but not any of my Apple products.

The summer I purchased my MacBook Pro–the Apple store was offering all the classes you wanted to take for $99 a year. I probably went to the Apple store 40 times to take classes on everything.

This is absolutely the truth and I am not kidding. I was at the Apple store on a Saturday taking my second or third class. The class started early—- I turned my MacBook on and there was a message reminding me of my father‘s funeral. The Apple class and my father’s funeral was at the same time that Saturday.

The Apple teacher was in shock that I was not at the funeral. I told the guy “Taking this class is more important. These Saturday appointments are extremely difficult to get.”

Think about it like this.

( Option 1 ) Going to a funeral being all dressed up and it’s 95° and 100% humidity. Seeing people and family members I do not care to see or talk with. Explaining to every single person who did not know —- the reason I was now in a wheelchair.

( Option 2 ) Go to the mall, do some pre-shopping before the Apple class, get an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and lemonade, taking a great class to learn something new, more shopping after the class and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.


Pre 2015, apple didn’t glue or solder everything together. My iMac’s glass is held on with magnets. A little care to unplug a cable or two and some screws and the screen comes up and the layout is just like a laptop. Everything basically plug n play like any other pc. As the years went on, apple started soldering the CPU and then the GPU and some memory in place on many of the laptops and desktops. And they now use double sided tape to seal the screens into the units. Still can do some things but generally not worth the effort at all.
In my case, I’ve built plenty of pcs so I figured it was already shot and I was saving 100s if not over 1000$ in repairs out of warranty so nothing really to lose.


Like this?


You always make me laugh!! Yes it is something like the video. We even have the ADT pulse system with 8 cameras and steel security doors on every entry door.

When someone has to come by the house and we are not at home — I have to call all the neighbors before we leave ——to tell them—— not to shoot our visitor.


My philosophy for home security is the SNL commercial for the chameleon xle

Pile of rusted metal, All standard.

I’m comin’ Elizabeth!


I used to hate working on the white plastic square iMacs. The bezel was held on with 2 clips inside at the top corners. You had to slip a plastic card between the bezel and body to to release them. Not fun or easy.

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OMG———ROTFLMAO!!! Our 1998 Nissan Sentra looks like the car in the video. We purchased it brand new in 98’. At the time of purchase I told Eric “If we have this car 10 years and it does not give us any problems we won the car lottery!”

Several years ago, we found a retired Nissan Mechanic that keeps our girl running. The air conditioning still works like it’s brand new. Eric only drives it 2 miles to work every day.


Car lottery!


What I am about to share with you is absolutely the truth and I am not kidding. Here in Knoxville if your car is over 10 years old —-you do not need a title if you are taking it to a junkyard.

Many people have had their ghettomobiles stolen out of their driveway to be taken to the junkyard.

We have to be more protective over our Sentra than someone who has purchased a brand new car. We never ever ever ever drive the Sentra at night!!! There is a good possibility it will be stolen out of some parking lot.

Our Sentra is so very special to us. It was our first car we purchase together as husband and wife. We also have thousands of memories driving around with all of our animal companions who have now gone to Rainbow Bridge,

If we ever win the lottery. I am going to send the Sentra to California —-so it can be pimped out.


A couple of years ago our 99 Camry finally died, that is terrible about the car crushing!!! We drive our cars into the ground.

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People better start driving their car until the wheels fall off.

Last week, my brother WAS going to purchase 2022 Chevy Tahoe. He wanted to order one. Cost $90,000 ( ninety thousand)

The car salesman told him it would be 6 months before it arrived.