Phone Holder / Phone Stand

I used medium plywood or draft board. Files are for edge cuts only…you can add whatever graphics you want.
phoneholder_main.PDF (6.6 KB)


Thanks! You can never have to many stands :slight_smile:




Simple but effective - thanks for sharing!


Thank you for the file

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My only suggestion is to flip one of the pieces so the slots aren’t both pointing the same direction.

With the slots oriented this way you have to flip one of the pieces to assemble and the opposite side of your piece of wood might not be finished (or as pretty) as the side you cut.


Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, I’m sure many will make use of this one!

Just made this for a friend’s birthday, turned out great! Thank you for sharing!

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Also-you’ve made a port slot to allow a cable to extend…maybe a hole at the south end of the long piece in the image and then a hole at the north end of the small piece similar to the port you created to allow the cable so that it can be ran through for a more seamless less awkward plug in option…I love this though and am going to try it

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Thank you for sharing! I’m going to try this out.

Thanks I like it

Thanks for the file. I made one for my desk out of acrylic.


Thank You :slight_smile:

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Looks very professional :slight_smile:. School teacher?

how is the anki bot?

This is the first thing on the community forum I’ve tried to make so I’m not understanding. Yours is a PDF file and I can’t cut with it. How do I get the svg?

PDF is a container file, just like SVG files. You can use either kind in the Glowforge.

The PDF defaults to cut as saved above. Did you select your material?

Thanks for the design, nice work.