Phone Number for Support

Is there a phone number you can call to speak with support? It would greatly be appreciated if I could get in contact with someone.


No, they do not offer phone support. They used to have a chat function available, but I doubt that is in much use right now, so your best bet is to either send an email to describing the problem, or you have opened a ticket here by posting a new thread.

If you’re having an issue that you need help with, describe it in as much detail as possible…what happened and what you tried to resolve it. The other customers here can offer suggestions until the support staff sees your post.


And if it’s something you can show, take pictures and post them here as well.

When we start paying for premium they should add phone support as a benefit to that - it would make it super valuable.


Considering that most problems are very hard to describe without photos, could take hours on their end researching your logs or trying to recreate the problem and then have a list of procedures that also need photos to describe that could take you an hour to try, talking on a phone would not accomplish much of that.

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We don’t offer phone support right now, but we’d be happy to help you online! Please just write us at and we’ll help you with any questions as quickly as possible.