Phone number to customer service

I received my glowforge yesterday july 19th and the black box (camera/laser) is not showing any light when I submit my first print. I think it is damaged because we have tried doing all the steps over and over again. The glowforge looks like it’s going to print on the wood but it just moves around and no laser comes out to cut the wood. I have tried opening a ticket, emailed, called since yesterday and nothing!!! I need a phone number where I can talk to someone live and not leave a voicemail because nobody is calling me back anyways!!!

There is no phone support.

The contact form on the support page is the only option. It can take several business days for a response.


The simplest way to get assistance is to provide details regarding the issues you’re experiencing, including screenshots so we can see what’s going on and possibly identify the issue.


Is that the recommended 'Gift of Good Measure? Support will ask you to print that and take pictures of the front and back because that is a known file and they use that to assess the machine’s function.


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