Phone stand, Fortnite style

I haven’t had much time to create with the Glowforge lately, but I finally had some spare time today so I thought I’d whip something up. One of my favorite video games right now is Fortnite, and I was in need of a new phone stand for my desk at work, so I figured I’d combine those two things to do something both fun and useful all at the same time. The “just build lol” phrase is one of the favorite memes of the community so I tossed that in for fun.

IMG_5249 IMG_5246

It’s a super simple design, but I’m happy with the little touches like the cut-out F in the logo on the face and the logo on each of the legs. It felt good to be able to crack open Illustrator and crank this out in a couple of hours and have the Glowforge work flawlessly without me having to do any prep work other than dropping in some :proofgrade: and turning it on, especially since it’s been sitting idle for a few weeks.

The design is available over here for anyone that would like to make their own.


Very nice! :grinning:


The cutout makes it pop!


Slightly updated. This was what I had in mind originally, but I forgot that I had to rasterize the vectors to engrave at variable power based on color. I like both versions, but I think I prefer this one because it’s not so aggressively charred.


Yeah, I like the second one better as well!

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The second one does look nicer to me, as well. Nice job.