Phone Stand (Living Hinge)

I needed a phone stand (and to learn Fusion 360) so I made this.
Fusion 360 link is in case you want to modify it!
phonestand2 (2.7 KB)


Nice, and it’s weird that I have made literally hundreds of things and not once used a living hinge. I need to make it a priority so as to add them to my repertoire.


Nice design & thanks for sharing!

will try, I need a decent stand that will hold my phone with the type of case I use

Living hinge and designs are the best, thx for sharing the file.

very clever… I love living hinges and I’ve done a few. I am always looking for ways to use them and you just gave me more ideas. Great job!

How strongly does the stand hold that shape. I am asking because the form has no direct diagonal bracing. Does the force making the living hinges want to straighten just balance out and hold the shape?

Well on second look I see that if the tee joint is strong it is triangulated… Your design is visually very pleasing.

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Thanks for sharing. Interesting design. I like it!

Thank you.

Is there enough room there for a charging cable or do you need a right angle end/adapter?

I love living hinge designs - well done!

good concept thank you

There should be enough room for most charging cables, I have a pixel 4 and it fits the USB C cable that comes with that

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So far it seems to be strong enough, it doesn’t collapse under the weight of my phone + case and it balances nicely. Most likely failure point would be the hinge at the top but it seems pretty solid so far

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Welcome, @david.hayes ! Thanks for posting this design! I’ll definitely try it.

Very cool! nice use of the living hinge. I have printed a few things with living hinges - I havent tried anything but wood – does acrylic work for living hinges?

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Yes, I had a similar design in acrylic on my desk for years and used it every day. It’s a bit fragile, but not terribly so.

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We tried this using proof grade walnut but it snapped apart at the hinges. Did we choose the wrong material? Thanks!

Yes. Hardwoods are more likely to break along the grain.

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Should I use draft board instead? Never mind… we tried it and it worked!

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This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I (newbie) just made it on gf medium draftboard and had a lot of flaming. What wood do you recommend?

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