Photo coaster

Apparently I purchased 100 cork discs at some point, because this arrived today.

While trying to think of a use for them, I remembered the new engraving UI, so I figured I’d try two things at once. Definitely haven’t gotten the settings dialed in, but the concept is working for me. More experiments will be done.

Overall, I didn’t find the slider or preview helpful. Especially since the image was inverted. Probably much better results on proofgrade.


Dang, you are really productive. Reminds me to try my cork in the production unit. Didn’t work in the pre-release.

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Looks good!

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My order of cork coasters also arrived today! I remember seeing a thread which showed several interesting applications and immediately ordered these coasters. Now I can’t find the thread. I did, however, find this discussion:


Thank Ghu – I’m not the only one this happens too! :rofl:


Apparently I did the same, because I had a package like that show up last night. And then I wonder why my wife gets annoyed that I seem to purchase things multiple times without realizing it.


I resemble that comment! :wink: