Photo cut outs

I’m new to using Glowforge. I’m trying to cut out a photograph that it stuck onto the proofgrade medium acrylic material. I’ve been using the trace feature with the camera capture. With the thickness of the photograph paper and then masking tape on top of that - the regular setting will not cut all the way through the board. I was using the medium clear acrylic. If I use the medium acrylic with the thick acrylic setting it cuts through great… but the image looks like it is lined up with the actual photograph but when it cuts it is always off and the the cut out ends up with part of the body cut off. I have also tried putting in my own setting for the thickness but when I do it only scores the photograph and does not cut it out. I need help please!!!

Someone will come along soon with good advice. A picture always helps. In the meantime, welcome to the community. You will love it here.

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Try utilizing the set focus tool before you send the job to print. That will set an accurate material thickness. Your current view is off because you are saying that it’s thick acrylic, but it’s not, so the material height is wrong, which influences the camera view/overlay.


Have you calibrated your camera? The way you describe it sounds like you have your image to ‘cut’ and are trying to align it to the product on the bed. If that’s what you’re trying to do, you could drop your power to way low and ‘print’. It will mark the masking tape and you will know where the cut occurs and not ruin your piece allowing you to readjust. If you do a search for camera calibration, you’ll find the instructions on how to do that.
And, what @jbmanning5 said-the set focus tool works so much better personally for me than measuring the material. You’ll find it by clicking on the 3 dots at the top next to the T (text) icon.

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Ok thanks - I will try that

I tried the set focus and it was almost perfect… I will calibrate my camera today too.
Thanks you sooooo much .

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Just make sure any time you use set focus you do so before you place your artwork.


Thanks for the answer @@jbmanning5, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.