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Good morning from the UK,

I was wondering if any GF owners are using Imagr as their go to photo editing software and if so… How are you finding it? Also… does anybody have other suggestions for preparing photographs? Thank you in advance

Search is your friend - searching for “prep image” returns dozens of prior discussions. GFs online manual on the Support site has good info, too.

Good luck!


Here’s a video I made showing how I manually edit them:


I like this program:


Just about any bitmap/raster app will work, I do much of mine using the color adjustment tool in the native “Preview” app on the Mac. Some things take a little more manipulation - I am working on something at the moment that needs different adjustments for different parts of the source image as a “one change for all” is not going to work. For that kind of stuff, or more complex editing in-general, I use Gimp.


I’ve used ImagR to prep photos for engraving a couple times. I was happy with the results. These two box lids were photos I put into ImagR, chose wood as the material, then uploaded to Glowforge and hit print. I didn’t do any manual editing.


I have been using Gimp for years to do all pixel based images whatever is needed.

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Gimp was easy for me because it is very similar to tools I used since the beginning in the early 90’s. I kept a virtual Windows machine around to keep using one of those (PaintShopPro) until I got up to speed on Gimp when I permanently switched to Mac. I was on Mac in the 80’s, but there was no internet or comparable tools without paying $$$, and I was always a hobbyist.

I wrote my own software to do PCB track layout, that was the state of things back in those days.


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