Photos and video from Seattle Maker Faire 2016

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Seattle Maker Faire today, and meet Dan and the awesome Glowforge team! Here are some photos and video links from my time with them:

My favorite example item:
My pendant being Glowforged:
Dan and Shell’s awesome demo:


Making things for folks. The line was very long and the booth was mobbed all day!

Moving one of the demo units to the theater for @dan and @Shell’s talk.

The example table. Lots of stuff I hadn’t seen before.

Finally, my finished product! (The design on the pendant is the O’Brien Knot. We’re one of the few Irish families with a Celtic knot as part of our heraldry.)


Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the video! What was your project?


Fun looking samples! I like the cat box, and the awesome cool monster box and the dog pull toy, and the sheep and the wooden flowers…

Along with all the leather samples, and the coasters, and the game boards and the shoes and the tags…

Yeah…i like it all! :smile:


Awesome pictures and thanks for taking the time to do all of this for us who couldn’t go


Just updated the original post… I made a pendant with my family’s Celtic knot on it for my wife. Video of the making should be up in 20 minutes or so, video of the demo should be finished uploading in a couple hours.


Aha! So that’s the O’Brien knot. Nice!


Nice photos and videos!


I gotta ask… What’s up with the disembodied finger in pic 3?


Well, that’s what happens when you stick your hand in the pass-through slot!

(Actually it’s very much attached to @Shell or @bailey I believe.)


@Shell, may I ask what device you were using to draw the puppy?


Hmm. I was going to say iPad Pro, but I recall @dan talking about “figuring out Windows” during the setup. Maybe it was a Surface.


Looks like a Surface Pro 4. @dan said it’s Windows 10.


It was definitely Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, so Surface Pro is my guess as well.


@dan at about the 9:48 mark you said the camera can see the entire 18"x12" bed of the machine.

Did I miss something?

Does this mean that the 20"x12" requires the tray be removed?
If so does this mean I can only get the full use of 20" passthrough by removing the tray?


So, I heard @dan say a depth of 2.5" object is possible. Is that correct or did he misspeak? Last I heard it was a 2" object at most, and that was even larger than the originally 1.5" dimension. If true, this is huge!


I heard that, too. [quote=“scatterbrains, post:11, topic:2959”]
Some interesting things I heard there…

Items to 2.5" fit without the tray? I thought it was less.

Sounds like there will be some sort of slick connector for the filter better than a dryer hose looped to the bottom.

3d engraving will have a range of half an inch. You use shades of gray to choose your depths. This feature is not fully developed today.

(from the other “Photos from Minimakerfaire”) thread.


I believe it’s a 2 inch tall object (max) that can be engraved, because you can’t have the object pressed up right against the laser nozzle, although there is 2.5 inches total clearance. I think the GF needs about half an inch of space for clearance and focus.

Otherwise the little flame that shoots up when you engrave or cut might be charring the optics, setting things on fire, and other Generally Undesirable Laser Behavior. (GULB)

Plus or minus half an inch of course, I haven’t seen one yet. :slight_smile:

(Could be totally wrong, that’s just my interpretation of the tasty clues.)


she is using a a Surface Book I know because I have two one is a i7 with NVidia gpu and the other a i5 without nivida. As to the specific cpu and gpu for her Surface Book I don’t know, she was also using the included Microsoft pen to do the drawing with. But for the with she was doing a NVidia dedicated gpu would not be needed. I also have a surface pro 4

This is a surface pr 4 i7

This is a surfacebook in the format shell had it

the other ways it can be used


How do you like the Surface Book? I want to get one, the one with the dedicated GPU, but the cost is so high. I might end up with a Surface Pro 4 and forgo the heavy lifting in terms of ACAD and such.


Thanks for the pictures! Glad to see some examples out and about now. I am wondering though, are the bodies on those demo’s still the 3D printed versions or did they appear to be injection molded ?

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